The Great Vacation

Life updates

What a great past week! Vacation was amazing, northern Wisconsin always takes my breath away. The 70-80 degree weather up there was relaxing compared the 102 degrees we were used to! This year was a lot more laid back than our last family vacation.

We did some tourist shopping our first full day in Hayward..


I couldn’t help but get a few shots of the amazing architecture ..:)

If you woke up early you were rewarded with a little eye candy.


You could hear the fish coming up for air, leaving ripples in the water. The loons were calling out from some far off place, and the morning mist over the lake was moving calmly. You couldn’t help but take a few shots and then sit back and enjoy the peacefulness. It was heaven.

We filled the rest of our vacation with little activities like go-karts, bonfires, flea-markets, beach picnics, and plenty of dinners out {of course!}

Image Image


My favorite part of our vacation was when we rented a boat for the day and spent it all out on the lake 🙂





Since we came back on Saturday, my sister and I were able to go to see Gungor at Summerwood. They are such an inspiration to the both of us and we were even able to meet and grab a picture with them! It was such an awesome concert. Being right next to the stage was a great experience!  Can’t wait to see them again! {Excuse the cruddy iPhone image quality}



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