Last Day in Kya Sands

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God moved today! We had such a great time ministering in the squatter camps. The day started off well and as we were finishing our first trip of the day to Kya Sands, we greeted a young lady. We had an obvious language barrier and decided to pray with her and then be on our way. But the Lord had other plans.

When we ask her if we can pray for her and safe travels as she visits her sons, she just keeps repeating, “Mozambique”, and we’re unsure were to go. She motions to her neighbor who steps up to translate for us [a literal God-send]. We pray for her and turn to the translator to thank her. She nods and just as we are about to ask her if we can pray for her, she points to herself and says, “pray for me.” Beaming with pride. We agree and she invites us in her shack. She tells us how her sband died two years ago and her sons live in another city. She wants them to be blessed and wants Jesus to bless her as well.We grew concerned because the premises for the prayer request is a little off. “Melta” continues to rattle off personal prayer requests about being blessed and forgiving others, sounding spiritual but really having a personal agenda behind it all. Deciding to be late for lunch, we sit down to explain who God really is. As we ask questions we realize she really does want to learn more. I began to explain how it would be hard for her to forgive someone who hurt her family, right? She nods her head and I continue, “what if in order for that person who hurt your family to live, you gave up your son so that they could live with his heart? You see, that’s what God did for us. Even though we hurt Him, He forgave us. And sent His son to die, a part of Him that he treasured, so that He could have a relationship with us. It’s because he forgave us that we can easily forgive others. His grace and mercy gives me strength when I’m upset because I turn it over to Him. He takes my frustration and my worry, and gives me peace. Does that seem like a good trade?” She nods, acting surprised that someone would do this for her. She continues to listen and asks the question of how she can talk to God. “It’s just like you and I are talking. You can tell him what frustrates you or what makes you happy. You can go to Him and tell Him anything.” “oh.” Her eyes get wide. She says the salvation prayer and we celebrate with her. After praying for her, we give her a few verses and head out the door for lunch.

After lunch we did discipleship with a group of people and then visited a young lady who just had a baby three months ago. The baby was certainly full term at ten months. She had gone to a “sangoma” [witch doctor] and he gave her special bracelets to put on the baby and herself in order to “ensure” a healthy life. A week or so later, she had a stroke. [Several women in the camp have had a stroke, we’ve encountered at least 1 in the camp every day since we’ve been here.] We prayed with her and the baby, and as we walked home we talked about how most women at the camps go to sangomas to ensure a healthy life for their child. One woman didn’t go to the sangoma and lost her baby at two years old. After she had another child, she insisted on going to the sangoma and now proudly brags how her child is so healthy.


Prayer is definitely needed in these camps. Although the soil is rich here, there is so much false doctrine that misleads them. Pray for truth to be exposed and for a hunger to rise to seek the Lord. Thank you guys for continually following, I look forward to seeing you when I’m back in the states!

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