Heartbreak. {The God Kind}

Challenge & Revelation, Missions

Have you ever sat with the Lord and all of the sudden had an urgency, a pull towards a certain direction?

Tonight, God pulled my heart strings more than he did even for this missions trip. While this is just a starting point, I want to treat it like this is my last decision. If you made choices with the mentality that this would be the last impression you made on others, the last choice other’s who may not have even known you hear of, would that change what you say or do?

This trip is coming to a close, but I’m leaving South Africa changed. It has challenged the way I view the Word and the way I view myself.

1} It’s opened my eyes to how much I do know of the gospel and that I have the ability to share it.

2} I’ve realized how little I know of the Word.

3} I value the Word higher than I ever have before. Not everybody has access to the Living Word that feeds truth, God’s very breath.

4} I can’t have my own agenda. I’m a vessel, everything I say is God-purposed. Not a single breath should be wasted.

5} No vessel is too small for God to use.

6} While God works on others through you, He works on you, too.

7} I have such a heart for these kids in the schools. They will soon be raising a baby drop-box as well and I’m 100% behind that.

Everything on this trip has showed me how God has prepared me for this next step. It’s time to stir a seek after God like never before. When people told me I would come back changed, I never anticipated this much. God has rocked my world, flipped it entirely over, and set it in a completely different universe. This new realm of God can’t be blown out because it’s been engraved in me. Time to take the next step of faith in furthering the Kingdom.

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