Luke 16:10 “He who is faithful in little..”

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Six months ago I wasn’t satisfied with where I was at in my life. I felt the things The Lord put in front of me were too small, insignificant. While I may have felt useless and demotivated, I trusted The Lord had bigger things for me. And boy, did he!
Today I leave for a year-long internship in South Africa. Ill be spreading the gospel to those who may not eat the next day, who are tangled in lies from churches with false pretenses. Cult practices have become a part of their culture and while some believe in God, they still practice these curse inducing rituals because they believe it is part of their culture.
While I had days where I became discouraged, uninterested, demotivated, I pushed forward. As I turn the corner I realize it wasn’t a waste of my time. God was training me for bigger and greater things! He brought things out of me that I didn’t know I was capable of! He gave me strength and peace, comforting when the lies of the enemy berated me with fear.

Be happy in what God gives you to do, no matter how mundane! Do your best in everything, it’s training you for something bigger and greater!!

Some may say that leaving friends and family, quitting my jobs, and putting my photography career on hold is a sacrifice. But don’t you see? Gods plan is bigger than mine. God is bigger than any problem may stumble my way- He will provide! When you trust God with your sacrifice it doesn’t come out of a place of great suffering but rather great joy because you know you are fulfilling the will of God!

As I sit in the airport hangar, my dreams are quickly become an even bigger reality. Friends, family, and readers, I need your help. Without supporters, this trip would be completely impossible. I have this trip covered for six months- but the rest of the six months are in God’s hands. Would you be willing to partner with me in this once of a lifetime ministry opportunity? Have you ever wanted to attend a mission’s trip but found it financially or physically impossible? You can minister to these kids, love on these families who have never heard of God!! How?
You will receive tax credit if you either donate through PayPal:
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Or by sending it to this address with the note “IMEAB 102” attached:

Impact Africa
PO Box 702511

Saint Cloud, FL 34770

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers!! I will most certainly keep in touch- love you all!!

{Senior 2013} Jennifer Carlson


I’ve known Jennifer for over 2 years now. Through the years she’s only become more gorgeous and stronger in Christ! We went on the South Africa missions trip together – This girl is great with kids (and one awesome roomie!) I had so much fun traveling with her. Jen, you are an amazing girl, so proud of you!

Jen just started playing the guitar and we decided to incorporate it into the shoot. We woke up pretty early to catch the sunrise but it was worth it! Here are a few of my favorite shots ūüôā


Almost There!

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Just a couple of weeks till I leave for the internship in South Africa!

I am so excited to begin this next chapter of awesome ministry and growth!!

In the past two months, I’ve already raised 4,805 dollars. WOW – ¬†thank you to all my awesome supporters!

(if you have not sent your pledges yet, please send them so that I may effectively calculate how much more support I need)

However, I still need $11,195!!!

Some of you may not know about the internship, so here are the most commonly asked questions I receive:

What exactly will you be doing down there?

So many things!! The purpose of the internship is to learn how to more effectively minister and spread the gospel cross-culturally. Just as I did on my last missions trip, I will be going to the communities and sharing God’s love with them. So many churches and ministries have a script that you read to people and at the end, they receive the Lord.¬†It’s not very effective, and while it may push you out of your comfort zone, it’s not equipping them for the journey of a lifetime.

With Impact Africa we create relationships.¬†Instead of preaching at someone telling them they’re going to hell, we sit down and take the time to get to know them. The purpose is to create disciples and world changers instead of “converting” someone and leaving them to figure out their faith alone. As interns we will also train other groups (like¬†they¬†did with me last time) to effectively share the Word of God. Impact Africa also has daycare centers in the communities (both Kya Sands and Diepsloot) that I will also be helping with. They have a kids outreach in each community once a week where we get to share the Love of God and love on the kids.

Where will you be staying?

All of the interns will have houses to stay in 11 girl interns in one and between 5-6 (i can’t remember how many)¬†guys in another house.

What do all of the finances cover?

The funds will go toward housing, air fare, visa, food and living expenses, as well as international health insurance and any unplanned needs that may occur.

How can I help?

Please prayerfully consider partnering with the Lord’s vision by¬†enabling¬†me to carry out His work. You can do a one time gift (if writing a check please write it to Impact Africa) or even sponsor monthly (by clicking here¬†,¬†reoccurring¬†donation, using paypal and typing my name in the notes). If you have any other questions I would love to answer!! Email me: ashleybbridges(at)

You guys have seen the change and growth that was implemented in the last trip and I would love to partner with you in this awesome ministry opportunity!

God bless and happy New Year!