Luke 16:10 “He who is faithful in little..”

Challenge & Revelation, Life updates

Six months ago I wasn’t satisfied with where I was at in my life. I felt the things The Lord put in front of me were too small, insignificant. While I may have felt useless and demotivated, I trusted The Lord had bigger things for me. And boy, did he!
Today I leave for a year-long internship in South Africa. Ill be spreading the gospel to those who may not eat the next day, who are tangled in lies from churches with false pretenses. Cult practices have become a part of their culture and while some believe in God, they still practice these curse inducing rituals because they believe it is part of their culture.
While I had days where I became discouraged, uninterested, demotivated, I pushed forward. As I turn the corner I realize it wasn’t a waste of my time. God was training me for bigger and greater things! He brought things out of me that I didn’t know I was capable of! He gave me strength and peace, comforting when the lies of the enemy berated me with fear.

Be happy in what God gives you to do, no matter how mundane! Do your best in everything, it’s training you for something bigger and greater!!

Some may say that leaving friends and family, quitting my jobs, and putting my photography career on hold is a sacrifice. But don’t you see? Gods plan is bigger than mine. God is bigger than any problem may stumble my way- He will provide! When you trust God with your sacrifice it doesn’t come out of a place of great suffering but rather great joy because you know you are fulfilling the will of God!

As I sit in the airport hangar, my dreams are quickly become an even bigger reality. Friends, family, and readers, I need your help. Without supporters, this trip would be completely impossible. I have this trip covered for six months- but the rest of the six months are in God’s hands. Would you be willing to partner with me in this once of a lifetime ministry opportunity? Have you ever wanted to attend a mission’s trip but found it financially or physically impossible? You can minister to these kids, love on these families who have never heard of God!! How?
You will receive tax credit if you either donate through PayPal:
Selecting reoccurring donation
Or by sending it to this address with the note “IMEAB 102” attached:

Impact Africa
PO Box 702511

Saint Cloud, FL 34770

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers!! I will most certainly keep in touch- love you all!!


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