A thankful heart is a peaceful heart.

Challenge & Revelation

Last night, God reminded me how blessed I am. To do what I do with the people that surround me. i cannot express my gratitude to the friends that have been with me in some season in life. It doesn’t matter if we simply grew apart or became strangers in a short amount of time. Everybody goes through stages in life, and we’re all constantly changing. The key to friendship is you never point the finger. Whether they did something, it was a happenstance coincidence, or you messed up, friends are there to pull us back up and support us in our lives.

The most amazing people surround me. Musicians, moms, ministers, and mentors.  I don’t have words to express my gratitude to these awesome individuals.

I’m nearing the almost a month-away-from-going-to-South-Africa mark. Woohoo! I have a meeting this week to meet everyone I’ll be traveling with and to discuss the almost-three-week-expedition in-depth. i cannot believe how much time has passed already!

I’m super excited for all adventures approaching!

Some really great things were said in church yesterday. They were so inspiring to me, I’d like to share a few with you. Bear with me, they may seem a little jumbled but it will all come together in the end.

Found this in my time in the Word this morning:

Mark 10:21

1} He saw this man and immediately loved him. He did the same for you.

2} Upon seeing this man, He knew his heart.

3} The man’s wealth would only became heavenly wealth if He set aside and followed God.

God’s will for us is that we trust Him with our every need, and He’ll provide it.

He would never ask us to do something he wouldn’t:

John 13:3-17

Jesus took off his status and served his disciples, making himself humble.

  • Your influence is not determined by numbers {how many connections you have, the experience you have gained} but by your heart.
  • Confidence in your walk creates influence.
  • We lose our influence when we become self-centered.
  • Your relationship with God keeps Him near.
  • Be thankful the Lord is near.
  • A thankful heart guards peace.
  • Putting hope in the wrong place robs you of peace.
  • Peace is the resting trust in the middle of turmoil.
  • Don’t be governed by circumstances.
  • Bitterness is rooted in lack of gratitude.

Now for the kicker.

  • When you’re bitter, you’re bitter towards the Lord because the situation did not go how you wanted it to.        

Hope this encourages you in the week to come. I think this is enough for me to chew on for a good month!

God bless!