Getting Fed Up Is Easy.

Challenge & Revelation

Sorry I haven’t written in a while…been a little preoccupied.. :/

Trusting God is hard. It’s a small truth, but a big one at the same time.

Probably my biggest struggle is remembering to turn it over to Him. Nobody is perfect. When you’re believing for something, it takes faith and trust. But how do you feed that faith? Walking in His love. Recently, I’ve come to realize I need to walk in love more. Sometimes those critical thoughts of others overtake you. Whether it’s out of response because you’re hurt (been there too many times recently) or because you feel you’re better than them. Anger and pride have no part in God. Yet those thoughts plague us and we accept them as our own.

–You mean those aren’t my thoughts?

Of course not. They’re only yours if you accept them. Satan speaks to us in first person so we’ll take what he says as our own thoughts. Just because you read the Word and have a personal relationship with our awesome God, does not mean you don’t fall.

–But how do I turn those thoughts captive? They haunt me with their taunts, I feel trapped by their persistence.

They don’t have authority there. Once you tell them no once, if they continue, that’s┬áharassment. They have to leave.

It may sound extremely simple, but it was hard for me to put that into practice. Satan attacks us out of our insecurities, fear we’ll never find a significant other, fear we’ll never be good enough, fear we’ll never get out of what so relentlessly haunts us.

You have to let go. Turn it over to the King who has planned your path before you were conceived. When I first let go, I was okay. But after a crazy week of trying to be strong for myself and others around me going through trials as well, I fell apart. I went back to the despair, the hurt, the isolation after feeling like no one cared to ask how I was.

And then a friend stepped in. One who had been where I had been. Who years later still faced situations that tested her strength. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to God who sent me a friend that could understand just exactly what I was saying and encourage me to never give up on the Word I knew God had told me.

As weeks passed, I began to hold my head up emotionally and pursue God with fervency. Relying on Him was the best decision I had made. I think, through the stress of finishing school and everything that came before and after graduation, I forgot.

So, I’d like to challenge whoever reads this, all two of you. Ha.

God created us for companionship, right? This week, instead of telling whoever first, let’s thank God for the good experiences and lift up the bad ones. I don’t do it enough. Maybe you do. Would love to hear if this challenged you and what the results were.

God bless ­čÖé