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We went back to Kya Sands today since we had discipleship with everyone there! Just like last week, we visited the clinic in the morning and then took a break for lunch, going back out on the streets afterwards.

This morning I met a sweet lady named Prudence, who was waiting for family planning (birth control) with her daughter Privilege. Aren’t those awesome names?! One thing that is amazing about the African culture is that every name has a specific meaning behind it. We talked for over an hour, sharing stories of America and South Africa, how she became saved. I learned she was traveling 5 miles with her four month old in order to have a few minutes with the doctor. He never showed and as we headed out to minister at discipleship I saw her leaving.

Discipleship was awesome, we talked about the Tower of Babel and how we all have “towers” in our own lives. What’s a place of pride that can be a stumbling block for you?

Today what impacted me the most was a conversation I had with someone who works with Impact Kids. We were talking about a girl in the program who was a little rough around the edges. As I was teasing her today, she told me, “F*** you.” Multiple times. At first I chuckled out of shock but then explained that’s not what we say. They (the person who works at I.K.) explained she didn’t have a good home life. “That little girl was raped this year by her eleven year old neighbor.” They tell me. I’m shocked. “Her father isn’t in the picture either. Mom is just around the corner to giving her life to God. We are praying for her continually.” They tell me. I’m floored. Things like this happen all the time. Babies are found in dumpsters. It’s never okay, but it’s become a normal thing around here. Women take their children to Sangomas [our equivalent to witch doctors] who put strings around them to ensure health, inevitably bringing curses on them.

Impact Africa is starting a baby drop box, hopefully this year. To prevent mothers from tossing these babies into dumpsters, setting them in the pit of port-a-potties, or putting them in the middle of streets. They hope to eventually take the house in Diepsloot and make it a house for the babies to live while waiting to be adopted. For now half of the house will be dedicated to the babies as just a holding home while they are waiting to be put into the system. The biggest thing I.A. needs right now is favor with the government and wisdom on what choices to make. They need this because they want to purchase more land in order to expand their ministries in the squatter camps. Right now, both facilities are at full compacity! Please partner in prayer for them in that!

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